6 Essentials to Elevate Your Business

6 Essentials to Elevate Your Business

How a fresh approach to branding, web design, written content, and custom printing will take your business to new heights

1. Branding: Build an Invincible Image

Branding is the image of your business. More than just your logo, branding is about the colors, the fonts, and the overall look and message you’re trying to communicate. With that said, consider how your visual presence impacts your customers’ perception of your business. Does it give the impression you want to put out into the world or does it fall short? Furthermore, does it stand the test of time? Think of some of the most memorable brands to you. Are they caught in a moment from the past or do they remain fresh and feel new in their own way? Striking a perfect balance between (a) the image you want to put out and (b) an always current look is crucial in creating a brand that doesn’t just stand out but is also relatable and relevant.

2. Versatility: Craft a Practical Logo

Is your logo versatile? Though creating a powerful image of a business is fundamental to branding, the various ways in which it is applied have to make sense in the real world. For example, your logo may look great blown up on a trade show banner, but is it as impactful or even legible shoved into the corner of your website or on business card? Can the illustrative aspect of the logo exist independent of the text and vice versa? Ensuring that your logo is effective and recognizable in every context is an inseparable aspect of developing the overall look and feel of the brand.

3. Website: Design for the Mobile User

With over 50% of internet traffic coming from mobile devices, having a website that your customers can properly view and fully interact with via their phone should be at the top of your priority list – particularly if you depend on it to sell products or bring in new customers.

4. Experience: Create a Website Worth Using

Aside from your website being mobile-friendly, is it laid out in a way that maximizes the user’s experience? In other words, can they find exactly what they’re looking for in the shortest amount of time and does it guide them to the areas of highest importance? Carefully structuring the flow and hierarchy of the information and how customers experience it is a powerful feature that can easily be overlooked, but it goes an incredibly long way towards ensuring visitors of your expertise on a particular subject and/or the quality of your products and services. It is crucial to see the site through the eyes of a first time visitor and ask if it is truly optimized for navigability and ease of use. Sometimes, having a site with poor organization is worse than having no site at all.

5. Copywriting: Communicate With Clarity

Even if you have a site that presents a visually cohesive experience, the glue that holds it all together is copywriting. Copywriting is the written content found on your website and marketing materials and often includes ad copy as well. Ask yourself:

Do your marketing materials provide valuable information and show that you are an expert on a given subject? Does the description of your services leave no room for ambiguity as to what your business actually does? Does the written content on your website force people to browse longer in order to find what they’re looking for?

If your written content doesn’t deliver on any of these points, it’s crucial to improve it. Good copywriting conveys competence and, above all, is engaging.

6. Printing: Customize to Stand Out

Are you taking advantage of the myriad of highly custom print materials available? With so many advances in the world of printing, you can make a strong and lasting impression with high quality custom print materials such as luxury business cards, shirts, seasonal window decals, flyers, trade show banners, and countless other items at surprisingly affordable costs. At the end of the day, you don’t want to do your branding a disservice by not doing it justice in print.

Ultimately, all these points are related and part of the bigger picture of visual marketing. However, since they can be a lot to absorb all at once, simply start by pursuing the one most applicable to your needs. By beginning now, you will lay the foundation for building a stronger connection to the customers you want to reach.
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